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About SingleCare:

SingleCare is a leading healthcare company that provides affordable healthcare solutions to individuals and families. It offers a variety of healthcare services, including prescription drugs, telemedicine consultations, and medical supplies. SingleCare has partnered with major pharmacy chains and healthcare providers to bring quality healthcare services at a discounted price.


Product catalog of SingleCare:

SingleCare offers a range of healthcare services to its customers. Its product catalog includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, dental services, vision care, and telemedicine services. Customers can search for prescription drugs by name, dosage, and location to find the best deals. The telemedicine services allow customers to consult with a doctor from the comfort of their homes. The dental and vision care services offer discounted prices on dental exams, cleanings, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

Top Feature Products of SingleCare:

SingleCare is a healthcare company that offers prescription drug discounts, telehealth services, and medical care price transparency. Here are some of the top feature products of SingleCare:

  • Prescription Drug Discounts: SingleCare offers savings on prescription medications of up to 80% off retail prices. This includes discounts on brand-name and generic drugs at more than 35,000 participating pharmacies across the United States.
  • Telehealth Services: SingleCare's telehealth services allow patients to connect with licensed medical professionals for online consultations. Patients can receive medical advice, get a diagnosis, and even receive prescriptions online, making it a convenient option for those who cannot physically visit a doctor.
  • Medical Care Price Transparency: SingleCare's medical care price transparency tool allows patients to compare prices for medical procedures and services at different healthcare providers. This helps patients make informed decisions about their healthcare by knowing the cost of medical services upfront.
  • Dental Discounts: SingleCare also offers dental discounts for services such as routine cleanings, fillings, and crowns. Members can save up to 50% off dental services at participating providers.
  • Vision Discounts: SingleCare's vision discounts include savings on eyeglasses, contact lenses, and eye exams. Members can save up to 50% off retail prices at participating providers.

Things You Might Love at SingleCare:

If you are looking for a way to save money on your healthcare expenses, SingleCare has plenty of features and offerings that you might love. Here are some things that you can expect to find at SingleCare:

  • Prescription savings: SingleCare's prescription savings card allows you to save money on your medications, with discounts of up to 80% at participating pharmacies.
  • Telehealth: SingleCare offers telehealth services, allowing you to have virtual appointments with healthcare professionals from the comfort of your own home.
  • Dental discounts: SingleCare also offers discounts on dental services, with savings of up to 50% at participating providers.
  • Vision discounts: If you need glasses or contacts, SingleCare can help you save money on those too, with discounts of up to 50% at participating providers.
  • Lab and imaging discounts: SingleCare also offers discounts on lab tests and imaging services, with savings of up to 50% at participating providers.
  • Health and wellness resources: SingleCare provides a variety of health and wellness resources, including articles and guides on various health topics.
  • No membership fees: Unlike some other healthcare savings programs, SingleCare does not charge any membership fees or require you to sign up for a subscription.

How to get SingleCare deals on FindHotDeals:

To get SingleCare deals on FindHotDeals, customers can visit the SingleCare page on the website. Here, they can find a variety of SingleCare deals, including discounts on prescription drugs, telemedicine consultations, and dental and vision care services. Customers can also sign up for the SingleCare newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and offers.

FAQs for SingleCare deals:

Q: How can I use SingleCare to save money on prescription drugs?

A: Customers can search for prescription drugs on SingleCare's website or app and find the best deals on their medications. They can present their SingleCare discount card at the pharmacy to receive discounts on their prescriptions.


Q: How does SingleCare work with insurance?

A: SingleCare works with most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Customers can use their SingleCare discount card to receive discounts on medications that are not covered by their insurance plan.


Q: How do I use SingleCare for telemedicine consultations?

A: Customers can book a telemedicine consultation on SingleCare's website or app. They will receive a video call from a licensed doctor who can diagnose and treat various medical conditions.


Q: Does SingleCare offer discounts on dental and vision care services?

A: Yes, SingleCare offers discounts on dental exams, cleanings, fillings, and vision care services, including eyeglasses and contact lenses.